Oct 8, 2023

How Our AutoGrab Software Is Tackling Odometer Fraud in the Used Car Market

At AutoGrab, we are committed to ensuring transparency and honesty in the used car market. Our recent research has shed light on the alarming issue of odometer fraud in Australia, as presented in the GoAuto article Thousands of ‘whizzed’ speedos revealed. We’re proud to introduce our innovative solution that’s making a significant impact in combating this challenge.

The Challenge of Odometer Fraud: Odometer fraud, where sellers illegally roll back a vehicle’s odometer to inflate its value, is a serious problem in the private-to-private used car market. With over 270,000 used cars advertised in Australia, the risk of encountering such deceit is high, posing threats not only to buyers but also to dealers who might inadvertently purchase and resell these vehicles.

Our Solution: At AutoGrab, we’ve developed a cutting-edge software that meticulously scans all used car advertisements on the internet, capturing crucial information including price changes and, importantly, odometer readings. Our system intelligently compares current readings against previous ones, flagging any inconsistencies to our clients as potential odometer anomalies. This proactive approach is essential for dealers to avoid the severe financial consequences of unknowingly selling a car with a tampered odometer.

The Impact of Our Technology: Since deploying our software, we’ve identified over 6,000 cases of odometer anomalies. In one significant instance, we alerted a large dealership group to 15 cars with odometer discrepancies in their stock, potentially preventing substantial financial losses. These results underscore the effectiveness of our technology in protecting our clients’ interests.

Conclusion: At AutoGrab, we’re more than just a software provider; we’re a partner in ensuring the integrity and reliability of the used car market. Our innovative approach to identifying odometer fraud is just one of the ways we’re committed to supporting our clients and maintaining the health of the automotive industry. As the market evolves and faces new challenges, AutoGrab remains at the forefront, offering solutions that matter.