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Embrace the power of real-time analytics and comprehensive market insights to elevate your fleet management. AutoGrab equips fleet operators with cutting-edge tools for accurate vehicle valuations, efficient fleet turnover strategies, and strategic market positioning.

Smart Fleets

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Real-Time Fleet Valuation

AutoGrab’s Fleet Pricing solutions revolutionise how fleet companies monitor and manage their assets. Our system enables bulk valuations, allowing for the efficient tracking of an entire fleet’s value in real-time.

This dynamic tool adapts to the ever-changing market, ensuring that fleet operators stay informed about current trends and market flows. With this data, operators can make proactive decisions about fleet renewal, sales strategies, and purchasing, keeping their operations optimally aligned with market conditions.

Understanding Residuals

In the dynamic landscape of fleet management, understanding the future value of assets is crucial. AutoGrab’s advanced residual valuation tools empower fleet operators with predictive insights, enabling them to forecast the future worth of their vehicles.

This foresight facilitates strategic planning for asset turnover, optimising the timing of sales or trade-ins to maximise returns. By leveraging these precise residual valuations, fleet managers can make informed decisions, effectively balance their portfolios, and enhance the financial health of their operations, staying ahead in a competitive market.

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AutoGrab Industries

We offer multiple solutions for various automotive industries.


Drive Profitable Dealerships

Driving dealership success with our intelligent insights. AutoGrab is committed to revolutionising the dealership industry by adding a sophisticated layer of data-driven analysis to your operations.


Informed Insurance

Revolutionising insurance with AutoGrab's data-driven solutions. Our approach helps in fine-tuning policy structures, streamlining claim processes, and effectively mitigating risks, paving the way for a smarter, more efficient insurance industry.


Advanced Auto Lending

Empowering lenders with AutoGrab's advanced analytics. We're dedicated to transforming the lending sector by integrating a sophisticated layer of data-driven insights into your financial services. Enhance loan decision-making, manage risks effectively, and drive customer satisfaction.

Fleet Operators

Furthering Fleet Operations

Driving the future of fleet operations with AutoGrab. Our commitment to revolutionising fleet management involves adding a refined layer of data analytics to your strategy. Streamline fleet operations, optimise asset utilisation, and reduce operational costs while enhancing efficiency.


Precision Wholesaling

AutoGrab is reshaping the wholesale automotive landscape by infusing your business with cutting-edge data analysis. Elevate your wholesale operations with our insights to optimise buying, move cars faster, and maximise profitability.

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