Nov 21, 2023

Introducing AIR: A Landmark Report in the Automotive Sector by AutoGrab and AADA

A New Chapter in Automotive Insights

AutoGrab, in partnership with the Australian Automotive Dealer Association (AADA), is excited to present the first edition of the Automotive Insights Report (AIR). This innovative report marks a significant milestone in the analysis of Australia’s used car market, providing monthly insights that are essential for dealers, consumers, and automotive enthusiasts.

A Union of Expertise

AADA CEO James Voortman highlights the importance of this collaboration: “Teaming up with AutoGrab for the AIR project brings together our collective expertise for the benefit of the entire automotive sector.” This partnership reflects our shared dedication to offering crucial market data to industry players.

Highlights from the Inaugural AIR

The first edition of AIR unveils intriguing market trends:

  • October saw 306,778 vehicles listed for sale, with 210,928 successful transactions.
  • Sales increased by a remarkable 14.7% from the previous month, showing vibrant market activity.
  • Despite the predominance of traditional fuel vehicles, the report identifies a nascent interest in battery electric vehicles, signalling an evolving market segment.

These insights are key to understanding the current dynamics and future trends in the used car market.

Adapting to Post-Pandemic Changes

AIR also sheds light on the market’s adjustment in the post-pandemic era. With a slight increase in the average time to sell a used car, it suggests an improvement in the previously strained supply chain.

Resale values, though slightly reduced, maintain a healthy level, especially in categories like light commercial vehicles, utes, and SUVs. This resilience reflects a shift in consumer preference, as seen in the popularity of models like the Ford Ranger and Toyota Hilux.

Looking Forward with AIR

Daniel Werzberger, Founder and CEO of AutoGrab, shares his enthusiasm: “AIR is a pivotal development, offering invaluable insights for the automotive industry.” This report will serve as a cornerstone for dealerships striving for excellence in the used car market.

At AutoGrab, we are proud to lead this initiative, committed to delivering the most relevant and current information to our community. Keep an eye out for our future editions of AIR, as we continue to navigate and inform the ever-evolving automotive landscape together!

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